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Children are and will always be the centre of everything that we do here at SKBK.
We offer children a rich and stimulating play-based education where children have the right to learn, play and discover who they are, what their capabilities are and learn their roles in our changing world through play and our environment.

We see SKBK as a place for learning, where children’s voices are heard and their personalities are seen and respected.


SKBK families are the core of our wonderful community. We endeavour to uphold SKBK’s reputation as being a safe space with an open-door policy. A place where families have a sense of belonging, a place where they can engage in equitable partnerships and feel a connection to the community.
At SKBK we endeavour to keep open communication with our families and invite families to contribute their knowledge and strengths with us.


The quality of a young child’s world is strengthened by their relationships. SKBK understands that the community is entrusting the care of their children to professionals of the highest standard. Educators at SKBK are supported to maintain a strong professional identity and are encouraged to upskill and take part in several professional development programs throughout each year.
Educators at SKBK advocate for our sector, our colleagues and for children’s agency and wellbeing.
Finding, supporting and retaining exceptional educators is essential for SKBK to thrive.


A child’s growth and development occur in the context of their community. It is a priority at SKBK to engage with the whole community whilst remembering that the diversity of our community is what makes the area so special. To ensure that the SKBK community continues to reflect and build on the community around us we endeavour to make and maintain meaningful connections, learn together about First Nations People, teach and explore social justice issues and continue to advocate for our local community.
When we are successful at this our children’s development will reflect the wonderful richness of our community.


Here at SKBK we provide children with a challenging and stimulating environment. Children are afforded the opportunity to engage in risky play, in our natural & homelike spaces. The environment provides lots of open-ended opportunities which allows for all children to be included in the program. We truly believe that children must be encouraged to connect to the natural world.
SKBK is committed to creating a more sustainable environment through the reduction and conservation of resources and we believe sustainability must be a holistic approach that is adopted by the whole SKBK community.


Respect underpins all of our relationships and decisions at SKBK.

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