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Poem for the child

Once upon a time there was a magical place,
hidden behind a large sunflower and a secret gate.
Hidden is a world of adventure and space.
Young children run around the space in an excited state!

Who am I?
And Who are you?
I want to learn to play with you!

Trees, flowers, bark and a dry river bed,
Imaginary play fills their head.
Planting, digging and sowing,
Observing nature’s wonderous growing.

Sunshine, wind, rain and storm,
We watch and play in nature’s life form.
Volcanoes, tunnels, traps and mudslides,
dinosaurs , helicopter, football, side by side.

Bamboo poles, broom handle swings and trapeze,
We swing through the air like birds with wings.
Swirling, twirling, curling and turning,
Creative imaginative expressive learning.

Sweet, tangy, bitter and sour,
We measure, sift and pour the flour.
Delicious, crunchy, soft and sticky,
Happy birthday to you…we are not picky.

Rolling, squashing, moulding and mixing.
Indigenous creatures are appearing!
Echidnas made from twigs and earth,
Young children surrounded by curiosity and mirth.
(Don’t forget the Badgers!)

Recycle, reduce, and reuse,
One use plastic bags we refuse!
Natural fibres with big straps,
Worm farms, compost bins
‘Who gives a Crap!’

Houses, cubbies and hiding places,
To share with friendly faces.
Caravans, cars, trains and tents
’A million dreams’ to reinvent!

Pictures, words, letters and names
Inviting us into a world of information, magic and games.
Music, dancing, stories and songs!
Ballerinas, Paw Patrol, Pirates, Dinosaurs
We are the audience, directors, artists and performers!

We acknowledge the traditional ‘owners’
of land, waterways and skies,
of the Yalukit Willam.
We respect the laws and nature of country
With songs, stories, smoking ceremonies and tea!

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion
We welcome all, there is no confusion!

So to the young children of SKBK,
Who came to stay and play,
The magical journey is flying away,
To take you on a new journey
Not too far away!

You are ready 🙂
Remember to take a minute
To revisit…
Take time to come
And sit for a minute.

Suzi Tomlin
Early Childhood Educator
Written for the 4-5 year old children 2018

St Kilda & Balaclava Kindergarten, drawing of children
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